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Would you like to travel through Argentina and tour its vineyards?

If you are a tourist and want to visit this country and visit its wineries and vineyards we will give you all the income tips to take into account.
First, I advised on the visa regime that corresponds to you according to your nationality, time and purpose of the trip.
Now that you have this information, take out your tourist visa to enter Argentina.
In case your country does not have visa waiver agreement, we explain how to obtain your visa. Keep in mind that you must present to the Argentine consular authority abroad a Letter of Invitation for the Entry of Foreigners to this country.
If you are going to visit our country as a family, with minors, remember to have a valid and current Passport, and consular visas (if required). If the minor travels with only one of the parents, all of the above must be included, plus an authorization from the absent or authorization judicial parent certified by the Argentine consulate of the country of origin, in case the regulations of the place of residence of the less. Consult the requirements for the entry and exit to the country of minors.

Once you get off the plane
How you do? Present the required documentation before the Immigration Officer or Immigration Auxiliary Police, at any of the authorized border crossings.
What is the cost of the procedure? We recommend you check the value of the rate at the time of travel, as it varies according to the means of transport used and the nationality of the tourist.
If you are a citizen of the United States, Canada and Australia and enter the country with a passport of your nationality, you must pay the Reciprocity Rate. Pay the Reciprocity Rate.

Taxes devolution
Everything you buy in Argentina has a 21% tax that is called VAT. You can request the refund of VAT (VAT) for all purchases of domestically produced goods, equal to or greater than seventy pesos ($ 70.-) made during your stay in the country in businesses adhering to the regime.
Ask before buying if the store is adhered to and then request the refund of VAT for the purchases of national production that you have made.

How do you have to do?
1. Buy from retailers attached to the rebate system that display the Tax free logo. When paying, ask the merchant to give you the original invoice type B or invoice ticket type B and the refund check with the amount to be refunded.
2. When you leave the country, present in the Customs the products you bought and the invoices (or purchase tickets) and the refund checks that you received at the stores. The Customs staff will do the corresponding inspection and seal the checks.
3. Direct to any refund position installed at the airport or terminal and present the checks. You can also deposit them in the mailboxes available at all points of departure from the country.
4. Opt for the following forms of reimbursement: cash, accreditation on your credit card, bank check to be sent to the address you indicate.
Clarification: If the goods purchased are not inspected by the Customs staff or you do not have the refund check, you can not ask for any refund.
The amount you will be refunded is the amount of VAT (VAT) contained in the invoice or invoice ticket, less the value of the administrative fee.