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New edition of the online wine seminar

Last Tuesday, September 11, the 2018 edition of the Online Wine Seminar was held at the UCEMA auditorium, organized by STG Consulting, and focused on a renewed approach to the digital channel, online communication and the challenges for business strategy. in the wine industry.

With the presence of prominent specialists and well-attended participation, the conference dealt with the impact of the online channel on Argentine wine sales and how the ecommerce path can be deepened by combining on and off in the wine industry, identifying online consumers , generating lasting links with them, improving the collection options, facilitating and making the shopping experience pleasant.

Several times during the seminar organized by the consultant who directs Dolores Lavaque it was heard that “it is more expensive to get a new client than to retain the client that we already have” as a great advice for those within the industry who have the responsibility of expanding the consumer market of wines.

Internet and Social Networks

The use of the internet has changed the lives of Argentines in recent decades. According to Gonzalo Peña, director of Consultora OH! Panel, the profile of the Argentine user established by a survey of his company, indicated that the main activities are sending and receiving mails, using social networks and searching for information. In turn, among the 800 respondents it emerged that the most used social network is Facebook, followed by YouTube. Also, most of the users, 66% connect using the cell phone, followed by 56% with netbooks and notebooks. In addition, he confirmed that the most used site to buy online is Mercado Libre with 63% of the market.

On the other hand, part of the data that stood out from the speech of Andrés Rodríguez de Combinatoria, were that 80% of the adult Argentine population is an Internet user, equivalent to 19.7 million people. Of that total, 90% bought online sometime, that is, around 17.8 million. And of that universe, 63% bought in the last 6 months, around 11.2 million people. From these data it appears that the potential of the market is enormous.

According to Combinatoria, Argentina is the third country in the world in use of social networks, that around 90% of Argentines connected use Facebook, 76% look at it daily.

Links and collections

In another order, Hernán Olivieri de Pagos Pyme, a company that provides collection solutions on the Internet, recalled that it is necessary to provide a shopping experience based on simplicity and offer solutions to improve collection. A fact to note that is the online shopping process ends with the choice of a means of payment: 20% of that election corresponds to the payment in cash.

On the other hand, Dr. Gabriela Sirkis, Academic Director of the Marketing Department of the University of CEMA, called for generating links between the companies and the client, since she warned that in Argentina the public has wine present but not the brands of wine. In that sense, he invited to create relevance as a way to sustain himself in the market.

Finally, Iván Amas de Andreani completed the Seminar inviting to focus on the client and listen to him, to improve the shopping experience. Also providing packaging solutions according to the delicacy of the product and measuring the satisfaction of customers with the processes that were executed for operations.

D.U. – Originally published in Wines & Diagonals – La Plata wine blog