History of the winery

The most important Riojan viticultural zone is located in the Famatina Valleys to the west of the province, formed by the Antinaco Valley – Los Colorados, between the Sierras del Velazco (amsnm: 4.275 m.) To the East and the Famatina (amsnm: 6.250 m), and through the Bermejo Valley, delimited by the Famatina mountain ranges and the Andean foothills (amsnm: 5,000 m.) To the west. Chilecito concentrates 71% of the total production, followed by Coronel Felipe Varela with 14.3% while the Departments Castro Barros, Famatina, Arauco range between 3.5% and 1.5%.

FIRST VINEYARDS IN THE VALLEY: According to the testimony of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, the first strains grown in America (Peru) come from seeds of raisins brought from Europe by the colonizers, almost the only way to reproduce them, due to the long crossings by sea and land, without the adequate conditions to move plants or vine stakes; of Peru Don Pedro de Valdivia took them to Chile in the year 1551, then Don Francisco de Aguirre, founder of Santiago del Estero, brought them to that territory in 1553, he went to La Rioja with Don Juan Ramírez de Velazco in 1591 and from there they were distributed as stakes and seeds in every hacienda or ranch that was founded like those of Anguinán (1600); Nonogasta (1611); Vichigasta (1631); Sañogasta (1640); Malligasta (1643) and Chilecito (1715).

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