History of the winery

Bodega Goyenechea was founded in 1868 by the brothers Santiago and Narciso Goyenechea, Spanish immigrants who started their activities in Argentina with wine and liquor stores in Buenos Aires, later acquiring the farm and winery in Villa Atuel, south of the Province of Mendoza Some years later, the Goyenechea, along with the Arizu, implanted vines and formed, between 1930 and 1940, the largest vineyard in the world. At this point their wines were sold throughout the country, under different brands, and the third generation of the family already had the helm of the winery. Around 1965 the fourth generation entered the company and the activity focused exclusively on fine bottled wine. In 1993, Goyenechea founds and integrates the first Controlled Appellation of Origin (San Rafael) Council of Argentina and is the first American winery to export a wine with D.O.C .: the Chardonnay of that year. In 1998, the fifth generation enters the ancestral family business. Today, the fourth and fifth generation work together with the same dedication and commitment that their ancestors made of Goyenechea a true family company linked to the wine industry.

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Sotero Arizu s/n – 5622 – Villa Atuel – San Rafael – Mendoza

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